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Update: Michigan Students Would Rather Have College Football Than Threesomes

By 08.28.12

16 on the field, number one in my heart.

They’re kidding and this is not documentary footage (I think), but Pat Stansik and the band Mind’s Eyes have released a video for their Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson anthem ‘I Love You Denard’, and yes, they’d rather watch Denard gain a yard than have a three-way make-out session with two foxy-ish Michigan teens.

Fan songs can be really hit or miss and there are few things I enjoy throwing shade at more than Michigan, but I have to admit, this one’s pretty good. It sounds like a Free Credit Report Dot Com band’s song about Denard Robinson might, but still, pretty good. My only real problem with it is that this “Mind’s Eyes” isn’t Sweden’s leading pro metal band Mind’s Eye doing a song about Michigan. Ah well, not really their fault.

Anyway, check out the video below. Warning: this video contains people making hearts with their hands.

Next time these guys make a video they should bring in Chad Smith to troll on the drums.

[h/t to Dr. Saturday]


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