The 2012 With Leather Fantasy Football Draft Guide: Knowing Your Quarterbacks

By: 08.29.12  •  19 Comments

In two years, nobody will even remember that Vanessa Hudgens was a thing.

The Last Hopes

These are the quarterbacks that’ll flash some sexy here and there, but they’ll also make you feel like you should have picked someone better. However, if they’re all you’ve got, then they’re better than what’s left after them.

Philip Rivers – Rivers used to be on the cusp of joining the elite QBs and then last season happened. I still can’t figure out how the hell he sucked so much. He killed so many fantasy teams last season. If you’re staring at him on your draft list, you have to ask yourself: “Am I prepared to die?”

Tony Romo – I’ve never ever wanted to draft Romo. He’s a plague guy as far as I’m concerned. But he’s still not as bad as the guys that I have in my next batch. And he’s just as good as the guys in this group, so I guess it just works out.

Jay Cutler – I have a feeling about my boy J-Cutty this year. I think he feels like he’s got a lot to prove, and he’s excited to have Brandon Marshall back in his arsenal. That said, is there a more apathetic person in professional sports? (I took him as my backup for Peyton in case the worst happens, so I may already be dead in the water.)

Matt Schaub – I don’t think Schaub is ever going to be as good as we once thought, and that’s obviously not much of a bold statement. That said, homeboy has two jobs: hand the ball off to Arian Foster and throw the ball to Andre Johnson. If he does that and stays healthy, he will probably be good for 15-20 points per week.

Joe Flacco – Some people call this guy elite. Hell, Flacco calls himself elite. Until he finally puts up Rodgers or Brady numbers, I won’t consider this guy much more than a bye week replacement, and that’s only if he’s playing against a terrible defense.

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