The 2012 With Leather Fantasy Football Draft Guide: Selecting Your Running Backs

By: 08.29.12

38 and still talking about cleaning up her act. Cool.

The Clean Yourselves Up Alreadys

These guys either need to get healthy or just get their sh*t together. Either way, they’re all big gambles.

Ryan Matthews – Before he broke his collar bone, I was starting to buy into the Matthews hype. I don’t know why, I just was. Then he got hurt and my response was, “Oh yeah.” So here’s the question, now that this guy has fallen from the No. 4 pre-rank spot of most experts, where do you take him? My answer? Let somebody else worry about it.

Maurice Jones Drew – I believe that Mojo’s contract will be settled soon. In this era, he’d be foolish to keep this up, when there are more and more young backs looking for a shot to become a starter. He’ll find work, sure, but he’s killing his stock. We don’t care about stock, though. We care about points, and as long as he’s behind a capable O-line, he’s going to score. The question is when.

Jamaal Charles – I loved this guy last year and people rightfully ripped me for it. Thank God I didn’t draft him at all. I still think he can be awesome, but he can prove it on someone else’s roster.

Ahmad Bradshaw – I love Bradshaw this year. I also loved him last year and he didn’t love me back as much, but I think with Brandon Jacobs gone, he could have a really special year if he stays healthy. If not, David Wilson will ruin Bradshaw’s value.

Beanie Wells – On one hand, Wells showed flashes of brilliance last season, from a fantasy perspective. On the other hand, not only is he perpetually questionable, he also plays for the Cardinals. Yikes. If he can’t stay healthy, Ryan Williams will get his shot.

Kevin Smith – I got to watch Smith’s 2,000-yard season in college under a magnifying glass and I want nothing but good things for this guy. But he was worked too hard in college and his body is paying for it now. I like Smith for a few weeks this season, but keep an eye on Mikel Leshoure.

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