The 2012 With Leather Fantasy Football Draft Guide: Selecting Your Running Backs

By: 08.29.12  •  11 Comments

Coming off kind of desperate since the divorce.

The Swan Songs

These are guys who are still attractive because they’re technically still starters, but I think their best days are behind them, because they each have young talent behind them.

Frank Gore – It’s not that I think Gore’s time is up, I just think the 49ers will sit on him this season and keep him healthy for the postseason. That means a lot of work for Kendall Hunter.

Michael Turner – Burner’s lost his pop, and there’s too much buzz around Jacquizz Rodgers. Plus, I just love saying Jacquizz. JACQUIZZ! JACQUIZZ! JACQUIZZ! Try it. Scream JACQUIZZ! wherever you are. Especially if you’re at work or in prison.

Willis McGahee – It doesn’t look like Knowshon Moreno will be getting much more consideration for the starting job in Denver, and while McGahee looked like a kid again at points last season, I think he’s just going to be mentoring Ronnie Hillman, who might be ready now.

Cedric Benson – Running backs really don’t have much value in Green Bay at all, but Mike McCarthy says he wants to run more and that means it’s on Benson, now that James Starks may be without a team. But like the guys above, Benson has Alex Green nipping at his heels.

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