The 2012 With Leather Fantasy Football Draft Guide: Selecting Your Running Backs

By: 08.29.12  •  11 Comments

Tori Praver seems nice.

The New Bloods

There are more and more rookies and sophomores looking to steal carries from the veterans, but with these new names and faces, we might not be that far off from a new era of one-back teams. A boy can dream.

Trent Richardson – I don’t think the injury is much of an issue, which is good news for people with late second/early third round picks, because this guy’s been slipping. The problem is, how much faith do you have in the Browns?

Doug Martin – Greg Schiano says Bucs players will be competing every step of the way at every position, including running back. So while Martin has been named as the starter, LeGarrette Blount could still punch his way into the picture. That said, I really like Martin.

Mark Ingram – Ingram is never going to be a top tier back as long as the Saints are a high-flying offense, but he’s young and will score. Hell, if the Saints defense can hold offenses from scoring, he could get a lot of garbage yards. I’m trying to be optimistic.

Ryan Williams – I don’t really see the Beanie era lasting too much longer in Arizona, but again… it’s the Cardinals.

Ronnie Hillman – Willis McGahee will be the starter until he can’t do it. But Hillman will get his share of carries this season. The problem is neither will really matter if Peyton Manning is back to normal.

Alfred Morris – I know, I know – “Don’t bother drafting a Redskins RB!” I grabbed this dude with my 11/12 just because he’s healthy and Mike Shanahan acknowledges that.

Kendall Hunter – I really like Hunter as the breakout guy this season. He just looks hungry when he plays. With Brandon Jacobs hurt and if my theory about Gore is correct, that could come to fruition.

Jonathan Dwyer – Everyone assumes Isaac Redman is the guy for the Steelers with Rashard Mendenhall out for who knows how long, and they’re right, because he is. For now. My gut likes Dwyer very, very late.

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