The 2012 With Leather Fantasy Football Draft Guide: Receivers And Tight Ends

By: 08.30.12

Janice Dickinson looks good here, sure. Try Googling her name with "now".

The Oh God Do I Really Trust These Guys?

These are not guys that you would ever want to move forward with as your No. 1 WR, but as No. 2 and 3 options, they’re worth it.

Steve Smith – He was awesome last year as Cam Newton’s go-to guy, but at his age you have to start wondering when it’s over.

Marques Colston – He’s just not consistent enough, especially now that Jimmy Graham is the main target.

Brandon Lloyd – I know that he loves playing for Josh McDaniels because they’ve been successful together, but who really knows if that will translate to an offense with 3 established receiving threats?

Jeremy Maclin – I don’t trust Michael Vick.

DeSean Jackson – I really don’t trust Michael Vick. (But I like Maclin for consistency over Jackson, who is better for big plays.)

Dwayne Bowe – Normally, I don’t trust Bowe because of Cassel, but he’s in a contract year, so I’d say he’s due to blow up and then disappoint next year again.

Miles Austin – He should have never dated Kim Kardashian. It has tainted him for good. Also, I like Kyle Ogletree to make Austin irrelevant within the next two seasons.

Steve Johnson – He’s the perfect No. 3 receiver.

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