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Fresh Batch Of Frownies: The Many Sad Faces Of Clemson Tigers Coach Dabo Swinney

By 09.24.12

Last week, I introduced my new favorite feature, Faces of Misery, to the delight of the trillions of people who read this website (seriously, we’re HUGE in Botswana). The problem, though, is that when I first wrote it, I couldn’t help but think, “God, my abs are shredded, and isn’t that name a little unoriginal?” and yes, it was. So I’m currently shopping around for a new name for it and will be trying them out over the next few weeks. Today’s title comes courtesy of Vince, who told me that this is the best thing he has ever thought of ever. So until I think of anything better, we’ll go with Fresh Batch of Frownies, because I like food, or maybe “Pictures of Sad People”.
I also like when people get really upset when they lose, and we witnessed plenty of that this week. Unfortunately, the game that I and my screen-grabbing cohort, Mr. Paradigm Shift of the Throw the Flag blog, was the Clemson Tigers at Florida State, and for some unknown reason, ABC’s camera guys don’t share my joy of showing miserable fans.
After Clemson carried a lead for the majority of the game, FSU suddenly pulled the “LOL JK” card in the second half and scored 35 points to defeat the Tigers 49-37, and I’m attributing FSU’s success this season to my new friendship with Burt Reynolds. One person who didn’t like that very much was Clemson’s coach Dabo Sweeney, who has my favorite coach name this side of Houston Nutt. Outside of Clemson’s misery, though, we also ran across some depressed fans in Arkansas, Arizona and Iowa. Poor, poor Iowa fans.

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