The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 9/17/12: Brought To You By Garbage Food

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And it was fine, just like every other match like this.

Alberto Del Rio taking the Irish Curse Backbreaker and Cena learning from his Night Of Champions mistakes by countering Punk’s kick from his back into the STF were pretty cool, but yeah. Stop commanding our Chickbuster-In-Chief, Teddy Long’s Ghost.

Worst: I’d Like Our Moral Code Back, Please

Okay, so the match ends with John Cena throwing CM Punk sideways toward the ropes (very specifically so) with an Attitude Adjustment and covering him for the three. Punk gets his foot on the ropes at two, but the referee (who looks like an extra from The Outsiders) (the movie, I’m not saying he looks like Syxx) doesn’t see it and awards the match to Cena and Sheamus anyway. He didn’t just “not see it”, he saw his error, had it explained to him, then, instead of restarting the match or showing any sort of responsibility or remorse, just walked away going “welp, sorry, you lost”. Cena and Sheamus leave to go hug (or whatever) and Punk gets stuck “whining” about the loss all the way to the back.

I want to see bad guys get defeated in pro wrestling. I don’t want to see them lose unfairly and complain about it.

I feel like I’ve written a Russian novel’s worth of Worst paragraphs about WWE losing its moral code, but stuff like this is just getting tiresome. Good guys can do whatever they want because the fans like them. Bad guys get cheated but shouldn’t complain about it, because they’re bad guys. It doesn’t make sense. Back in the long long ago, that foot-on-the-ropes finish was to either get you excited for a guy you like winning only to have it snatched way by reality (or worse, by a guy who put his foot on the ropes AFTER the three and pretended like the ref missed it, because he’s a scumbag) or to give the guy you like sympathy for a rematch. With this and the Sheamus match from SummerSlam, it’s become a thing for bad guys to complain about, because ONLY PEOPLE YOU BOO CAN FEEL AS THOUGH THEY’VE BEEN WRONGED. Everybody else has to just move on and challenge the guy who cheated them to a MATCH HERE TONIGHT~!!

Fan favorites are the ones who should be generating crowd sympathy. They should be people we want to see win, because they’ve been wronged in some way, or treated badly by someone, or underestimated. They’re Dusty Rhodes, a common man trying to take wrestling’s top prize from rich socialite cheating prick Ric Flair and his gaggle of asshole friends. The way things are set up now, WWE heels are the ones who attempt to generate sympathy, and WWE babyfaces are guys who smile and wave and clap and just destroy everyone. You know why? Because modern wrestling audiences are callous as f**k, and have no interest in living vicariously through a good person … they want to live vicariously through someone who wins all the time and doesn’t think too much. Were you just treated unfairly? WHY ARE YOU STILL TALKING ABOUT IT, THIS IS ALL ABOUT ME

It’s a devaluation of class, intelligence and integrity, and a pretty sorrowful example of how WWE has taught its audience to think what WWE does is what’s best. WWE doesn’t play fair, they just win all the time and do whatever they want with whoever they want. Are you complaining about it at all? Shut up, loser!

Best: Top 10 Comments Of The Night


Did You Know?

WWE has cured as much cancer as every other company and scientist in history…COMBINED!


It would have been neat if Chad Patton randomly had an awesome metal song and pyro entrance.

SHough610 and MH360

AJ is graduate of the Teddy Long School of General Management. She graduated Summa Cum Hole On a Minute Playa.

I don’t know whether to +1 this, or report it for sexual vulgarity.

Harry Longabaugh

Antonio Cesaro will now say ‘bribing a cop’ in five languages.


That couch was two days away from retirement!


In the next segment, Jinder Mahal is going to throw some lawn chairs at Alex Riley

Tobogganing Bear

Nice to see Big Show taking time out from being Honey Boo Boo’s mom.

Abraham Washington Dollar Hunter

I wish at the end of every show Stat Boy comes out and points out all the factual errors of JBL’s commentary.

John John The Bastard

I thought Tamaraty was the sister of Tia Mowry.


John Cena makes me want to donate to cancer.

That’s it for this week. See you later in the week for a little TRIOS~ action, then next week for another chapter of Beth Phoenix: Jungle Adventurer or whatever.

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