The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 10/1/12: Me Too, Kaitlyn. Me Too.

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Best/Worst: This Is Either The Best Refereeing Or Worst Episode Of Bang Bus I’ve Ever Seen

In all seriousness, the main-event of Raw continued the theme of BRANDON’S NOT SURE IF HE LIKES THIS COMPLETELY by countering every seemingly good thing with a seemingly bad one. Nothing too far in either direction, so don’t imagine me watching Daniel Bryan do backflips off the top rope, rubbing my chin and deducting quarter-stars because he hesitated on the takeoff. Here, let me give you a few examples.

The big thing is that Raw ended with the WWE Tag Team Champions being the focus of the show, standing tall over the WWE Champion. That is a big, big deal for the tag straps, and in theory could continue CM Punk’s theme of not getting any respect. The show ended with the tag champs, not the WWE Champ like it should, and Dolph Ziggler showed him no respect by ditching him. In practice, very few of the things that actually show CM Punk disrespect (like the big WATCH JOHN CENA AND THE ROCK ON NBC THIS SATURDAY graphic over his Jerry Lawler beatdown) are used as examples of disrespect being shown, and following a pipe to the stomach and Bret Hart punching him in the face, you can only end so many Raws with the champ on his ass looking like a chump.

Another example is Refer-AJ. AJ in her referee uniform is a great thing, and getting her directly involved with Daniel Bryan, Kane and CM Punk again on a physical level again is probably a good idea, because that’s where she left her greatness. But she’s a TERRIBLE referee. I don’t think she actually looked at a pinned wrestler’s shoulders once, she just dropped to all fours, popped her ass into the air and started pounding the mat, stopping at 2 for everything she knew wasn’t the finish. It … wasn’t great.

Really the biggest star of the match for me was Paul Heyman, who reacted spectacularly to CM Punk’s foot being on the ropes and earned Forever Points by immediately blaming Vickie (who had done nothing) when he got ejected. Heyman is better at this than most people.

Worst: They’re The Tag Team Champions, So Let’s Let Them Wrestle Outside Of These Main-Eventer Tag Things

I don’t want that to sound like a damning Worst, given that they won a main event on Raw, the tag team division is better than it’s been in 20 years and there’s a tournament happening in the show’s underbelly. The tag titles are moving in a great, great direction, but I think the next important step is to remove Bryan and Kane form these impromptu main-eventer clashes and keep them focused exclusively on stuff happening in or around their division. Don’t feud them with each other, either. You did that, it was great. Now you get to continually tease that they aren’t friends, but move forward with it until they either definitively are or aren’t.

Given the amazing merch coming out in support of them, I’m gonna call the answer as “they are friends for life”. Now we just need to mash-up those entrance themes.

Best: Top 10 Comments Of The Week


Oh great, we get to hear Sheamus’ thoughts on Israel again.

ric chair

I would’ve preferred a team of Sin Cara and Randy Orton: Sin Pantalones


I know he’s hurt, but I like to think that Ryback is a large mech robot with Cena behind the wheel.


“Where is Mark Henry and why is neither one of you Mark Henry?”

Greg Manuel

Ryback shoulda lifted with his Ryknees.

Tobogganing Bear

Poorly defined power corrupts poorly definingly.


“Does this mean I get to meet John Cena?” – the horrifying reaction of thousands of kids when their mothers are diagnosed with breast cancer


“Call me the best in the world.”


[show ends]


Make him smell the spot where he pee’d, Punk. JR’s a bad dog!


Austin’s been working out!

See you guys next week.

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