The With Leather Interview: Three-Time WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres

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With Leather: You’ve already touched on it, but the WWE does so much when it comes to going overseas and putting on events to show appreciation for the troops, as well as working with the Wounded Warriors Project. What’s that like on your end as a WWE star and champion, interacting with our troops like that?

Eve Torres: It’s crazy because we go over there to show our appreciation, they thank us for being there, and it’s like, no, this is our job to thank you for your service. But they really are so appreciative to see a little piece home all the way out there, because we don’t just go to the big bases. We get on Blackhawks and go to places that are way out there, that no one goes to visit. That’s the really fun part, to go to the places where they’re not expecting the Big Show, Vince McMahon, Kelly Kelly and me to walk in. Every time I go over there, it’s life-changing for me, because we really have no idea what’s going on over there.

Everyone is over there by choice, but whether they’re on the front lines or not, they’re still away from their families and friends. They can’t just get in a car and go to Starbucks or drive to their family’s barbecue. All of these things that we take for granted in the United States, it’s very apparent that they don’t have those things. We don’t realize that until we go there and it’s just the bases in the desert. It’s very amazing to be able to bring a morale booster to them.

With Leather: You’ve also been on a number of other reality and game shows, so is it safe to assume that after the fighting is over there could be a career as an actress?

Eve Torres: Through everything I’ve done with the WWE, I would say that it’s a boot camp for the entertainment world and whatever it is that you want to do. We’re on live television every week, so I feel like if we can do this, we can do anything. And you look at the guys who have made movies through the WWE, it’s really helped them as performers. I’d just really love that as well. I love acting and I love developing these characters, finding out who they are and committing to them. I’d love more experience with that. Hopefully, one of these days, the WWE will put a Diva in a film. Eve Torres for The Marine 4.


With Leather: You’re engaged to Rener Gracie, who is obviously famous in his own right as the man behind the Gracie Academy and Gracie University. I want to pitch a TV show idea – Celebrity Couples Fight Club. I shouldn’t have to ask, but you two would completely win, right?

Eve Torres: Oh yeah. They just wouldn’t get past him. I’d love to say that I could do some damage, but I’ve seen Rener take on 40 cops at one time and tap them out one at a time, one after the other. That was pretty awesome. He’s pretty cool.

With Leather: Having gone to USC, do you follow college football at all?

Eve Torres: I haven’t recently. I actually really enjoy watching football and I’ll always be a huge USC fan, but ever since USC football got a little tarnished, I kind of stopped investing so much into it. The problem is that I’m working every Saturday night. When other people are enjoying their weekends and days off, we’re working. Unfortunately, I miss a lot of football and UFC fights.

With Leather: I only ask because I’d like to know from a fan’s perspective how it feels to know that everyone in America hates Lane Kiffin.

Eve Torres: That I’m not familiar with, because I just remember Pete Carroll, who was one of the most loved coaches. That’s all I have in my memory. I just remember winning all of the time.

With Leather: Finally, I want to ask you about your fear of clowns. How would you react if you were told that you’d have to wrestle Doink on RAW?

Eve Torres: When I was in college, my friends thought it would be funny to drag me through a haunted house with clowns and I was in tears, shaking. I was ready to fight every one of them. It was not a good scene. I don’t know where it comes from or why. Whenever Doink comes back, he knows that I am scared of clowns. He will purposely look for me and jump out of places, and come into the Divas locker room to scare me. It’s very frightening and I almost punched Doink straight in the face.

With Leather: Sounds like we have the perfect villain for The Marine 4.

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