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By / 10.26.12

Well, bad news, fellow baseball fans. The ratings for this year’s World Series are in the toilet right now. It’s probably because a certain team that I won’t mention anymore isn’t in it, and we all know whose fault that is. But we can’t change that now, and we just have to hope that more people want to tune in tomorrow night, because, you know, it’s America’s national pastime.

Wait, what? Notre Dame plays Oklahoma tomorrow night? Suck it, baseball. We’ve got a heavy schedule of awesome college football tomorrow.

World Series Game 3: San Francisco Giants at Detroit Tigers – 8:07 PM ET on Fox Saturday

When people inevitably talk about the defining moment of this World Series, most people are going to fondly remember Pablo Sandoval’s three home runs in Game 1, but I’m going to remember this series for Tim McCarver reaching his latest low point. With the crowd feeling Barry Zito’s strong performance in Game 1, a “Barry! Barry! Barry!” chant broke out, and Joe Buck pointed out that the fans in San Fran used to chant that for another Barry. McCarver thought he meant Barry Manilow. Please, Fox. End this.


NCAA Football: Cincinnati at No. 16 Louisville – 8 PM ET on ESPN

These are Cincinnati cheerleaders. I don't know if that means pro or college. Don't care.

As much as I hate Louisville for ratting out UCF to the NCAA over a recruit who nobody can even name anymore, I’m pulling for the Cardinals’ success this season to at least keep the Big East relevant before UCF and San Diego State save it next year.


NCAA Football: No. 3 Florida vs. No. 12 Georgia – 3:30 PM ET on CBS

I’m tired of asking, “This has to be the week, right?” when it comes to this inexplicable Gators success. So everyone just sit back and accept that Florida is going to win the BCS championship this year. Even though Will Muschamp seems like a real dick.

NCAA Football: No. 15 Texas Tech at No. 4 Kansas State – 3:30 PM ET on Fox

I’m also pulling for Kansas State this season because Cam from Modern Family went there and he seems cool. He’s no Jason Sudeikis or Paul Rudd when it comes to Kansas sports fans, but he’s cool. He knows his stuff. So Eric Stonestreet is cool in my book.

NCAA Football: No. 5 Notre Dame at No. 8 Oklahoma – 8 PM ET on ABC

For the love of Cthulhu, Oklahoma. Win this damn game.

NCAA Football: No. 13 Miss. State at No. 1 Alabama – 8:30 PM ET on ESPN

You too, Miss. State.


NFL Football: Miami Dolphins at New York Jets – 1 PM ET on CBS

How weird is it that there are only 3 teams in the AFC with winning records? It will be weirder when the Dolphins join that club.

NFL Football: Washington Redskins at Pittsburgh Steelers – 1 PM ET on Fox

Hooray, Alfred Morris!

NFL Football: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys – 4:24 PM ET on Fox

I’m sure the Giants will be losing and then they’ll come back and win because Victor Cruz will have some ridiculous catch.

Sunday Night Football: New Orleans Saints at Denver Broncos – 8:20 PM on NBC

If this game isn’t 82-75, I’m going to cry.


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