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The Best And Worst Of TNA Impact Wrestling 12/20/12: Baby We Were Born To Wear Zubaz

By / 12.21.12

Worst: Brooke Hogan Deliberates, pt. 2

After Mickie James and Velvet Sky express a mutual respect and understanding for one another, Brooke eliminates Tessmacher because of the tension between the other two ladies. Obviously. As an aside, why are they outside now? What on earth were they doing after ODB left the room that they split up? Forming search parties for Madison Rayne and Gail Kim? Scratch that. Gail Kim is recently wed, and as we all know, family first!

Best, worst, and WTF is wrong with you, Taz: The Santa Segment, or, Jingle bells, Batman smells, former WTTCotW let me love you

Okay guys. I have been waiting with baited breath all week to find out what Kazarian got Christopher Daniels for Christmas, and in what extravagant and magical manner he would present said gift. The first part of this segment does not disappoint. I don’t think I’ve been this amused since Ken Anderson dressed up as Sting and wrestled Great Muta Eric Young. I watched this entire segment with my hands clasped to my chest and literal chibi-sparkle eyes. Daniels and Kazarian are Bests personified. Like the Buttprintgate of last week, so much happened in this segment that filled me with joy and warmed the cold bitter wrestling-related cockles of my heart. I would have done a Lightning Round Best and Worst, but you really need to watch it for yourselves. This is basically the best Christmas present TNA could have given me.

True to form, though, we can’t have nice things. Between Taz’s multiple homophobic utterances and blind hatred of Santa Claus, to James Storm coming to “save” us from this “mockery of Christmas,” these two tried their darndest to ruin this entire thing.

Because of Beer Money #2’s shenanigans, WE NEVER FIND OUT WHAT KAZARIAN GOT CHRISTOPHER DANIELS FOR CHRISTMAS. Ugh. Worst x 1 million.

As an aside, Kazarian calling the audience “assgoblins” further proves my theory that TNA is secretly all about butt stuff. I cannot make this (butt)stuff up, people.

Worst: Brooke Hogan’s Final Decision

Best: Tara vs. Mickie James

It’s not the greatest Knockouts match, but it’s by and large not the worst. Jessie interfered when he needed to and I didn’t mind him being at ringside. Tara manhandled the crap out of Mickie James and looked like a believable, hard to beat champion. Mickie James put up enough of a fight that I want to see her challenge for the title again. The counter into a crucifix pin attempt was a nice little combo, and while James isn’t the cleanest when it comes to her execution, she’s a serviceable wrestler who can do justice to Tara’s more powerful style. It’s the best match we’ve seen in a while, and I can only hope it goes onwards and upwards from here.

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