The Best And Worst Of TNA Impact Wrestling 12/20/12: Baby We Were Born To Wear Zubaz

By: 12.21.12  •  78 Comments

Worst: Sting is back, and his pussy tastes like Five Hour Energy Drink

Between Jeff Hardy’s expository inner monologues and the shared stock footage, I fully expect an Aces & Eights flashback of D.O.C. getting dry humped on a pinball machine by Masked Aces Member #2 in the new year while Taz’s head literally explodes. I’m gonna go ahead and give that a pre-report Best.

From everyone here in my living room, I want to extend the warmest holiday wishes (including belated ones to all of our Hanukkah-inclined readers), as well as the most non-denominational happy thoughts to those who will take them. May your presents be good, your nog extra noggy (or extra vegan if you’re Brandon), and all of your Zubaz as loud and proud as it can be. Merry Christmas!

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