The Best And Worst Of WWE TLC 2012

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Now that the creeping terror of John Cena usurping Dolph Ziggler’s Money In The Bank briefcase and cashing it in on The Rock has subsided, I can say that Cena is usually pretty strong in these prop gimmick matches, and last night was no exception. He’s willing to put his body on the line and has never been afraid to, say, get put in a sleeper on a ladder and just fall the hell off the side. He’s also not afraid to throw the worst looking dropkicks this side of Erik Watts and … a hurricanrana that even Watts wouldn’t attempt. Holy shit, John Cena’s rana.

Ziggler deserves a raise for this entire thing, and I hope he’s proud for having busted such a substantial amount of ass in his for-real, star-making pay-per-view main-event. He should consider using that jumping DDT as his finish, though, because it looks a hell of a lot better than the Zig Zag. As a bonus, it’s also not called “the Zig Zag.”

AJ Lee turns on John Cena

Best: Welcome Back, AJ

I don’t know if it’ll go where we want it to go, but AJ dispatching Vickie Guerrero and skipping around John Cena’s ladder before suddenly shoving it over and more or less dancing on his grave felt like the biggest f**king exhale. Pre-GM AJ Lee was the best new character they’d created in YEARS, and probably the best female character created since Lesbian Stalker Mickie James, and watching her revert back to it from Crowd-Pleasing Wrestler’s Girlfriend was a fist-pump and a f**king half.

Also, this:

AJ Lee You Can't See Me

Yes, the guy in the crowd waiting until AJ bent over to snap his picture is absolutely the best part. We see you, creeper.

If everything goes well, we’ll return to the glory days of secretly-manipulative and obviously-intelligent, ultimately-independent AJ Lee starting tonight on Raw. She’ll move forward as a complex, compelling character and be the anchor necessary to make Divas and Divas-related stories interesting, and/or get into a fun thing with Dolph Ziggler where she respects him, because he told her the truth (from his perspective, rude or not) and didn’t try to coddle her and make faces about her behind her back like Cena. Be as indignant as you want, Cole, Cena deserved it. He wasn’t “trying to protect her,” he felt obligated to her when she made out with him a couple of times in front of people, then was very obviously ashamed to be seen with her. So, if everything goes well, AJ will have a reason for what she’s done, like when she stopped harassing Kane when he opted to be a decent person and told her their relationship wouldn’t work out.

If everything goes badly, Rock will spend the next month making fun of Cena for not being able to keep a girlfriend.

Best: Top 10 Comments Of The Night

Glen Coco

Kane needs to emerge from beneath the ring on RAW tomorrow demanding to know if they won or not.

Harry Longabaugh

Next time Pee Wee Herman is the Raw guest host, I want him to book a Chairy match.


big show's offense

Big Show’s offense


That chair was from World 4 on SMB3.




AJ….and then you go and do something…AND TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF!


AJ’s romantic strategy




cyber Pilate

Eve has no power against the world of DANCE! *jazz hands*

Lobster Mobster

This isn’t a street fight, Brawler, take off the denim!


Seth Rollins is having a Snickers and insisting his name is Batman.

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