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Who’s On First 2, Or ‘What’s The Deal With Baseball Players’ Names?’

By 12.21.12

Jerry Seinfeld Who's on First Jimmy FallonFrom ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,’ a show that is not afraid to bring on Billy Crystal, put him in some old-timey baseball clothes and have him reenact sports jokes from only 50 years after he was born:

Fallon, Crystal, and Seinfeld revisit Abbott & Costello’s classic “Who’s On First?” routine, where we finally get to meet the team’s first-baseman “Who,” second-baseman “What,” and third-baseman “I Don’t Know.”

I’m not sure where this falls on the list of funny sports things ‘Late Night’ has done — it’s better than the Pro Bowl Shuffle, but isn’t as inspired as ‘At The Bar With Roger Federer’, and nothing ‘The Simpsons’ didn’t tackle more succinctly 20 years ago — but it’s cute, and antiquated baseball stuff will always make me smile. Plus, check out Billy Crystal’s old player throwing motions. Pitch-perfect. You know, assuming he doesn’t actually catch and throw like that.

[h/t to @KlayDogCorp]

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