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Bow Down To Your New Lord And Master, The Chainsaw Slingshot Guy

By 01.28.13

Hey, have you ever wanted to shoot chainsaws with a bazooka slingshot?

Finally. At last. The Holy Grail of Launcher Ammunition is a reality!

The Slingshot Channel, back to “normal mode”, uses the slingshot Bazooka first presented in the Witch Hunter Trilogy (http://slingshotchannel.blogspot.de/2013/01/the-witch-hunter-trilogy.html) to fire the undisputed King of Projectiles – a vertiable Chain Saw.

See how the huge shoulder mounted rubber bazooka fires the heavy Black and Decker tool into the air, and then against a thick archery mat.

Highlights of the chainsaw slingshot include a cheek guard (to keep the rubber band from RIPPING OFF YOUR EAR), a bayonet on a stick (it’s very lethal, he thinks) and a bald guy with a threatening accent wearing a shirt about BITCHES.

See if you can find the proper tone in this video, because I can’t. One minute he’s shilling for comments using a Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters poster, the next he’s sending javelins through archery boards and cackling like a super villain at his “brutal hit.” Hell, I can’t even figure out whether or not this is Robin Williams in a bald cap, just f**king with us.

[h/t to DOTD]


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