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High School Sophomore Victor Dukes Is Really, Really Good At Dunking

By 01.02.13

Earlier today Brandon posted a highlight reel of the best high school basketball dunks from 2012, which was all well and good except for the part where here we are, only a few hours later, and the whole compilation has been rendered moot. According to this blog post, high school sophomore Victor Dukes did the dunk pictured above in a game that took place on December 31, which is notable for a few important reasons:

  • December 31 was in 2012, making it eligible for said list.
  • Holy crap, look where his head is.
  • HOLY CRAP, his name is Victor Dukes. VICTOR DUKES. That sounds like the name of an evil businessman in a Disney movie who is shutting down the local street hockey rink to build a strip mall or something. “But … but … we can’t take on Victor Dukes! We’re just a bunch of kids!” “Exactly. He’ll never see it coming.”
  • HOLY CRAP HE IS A SOPHOMORE. So he’s, like, what, 16? Jeeeeeeeeeeesus.

Anyway, the video is posted below. As With Leather’s resident dunk expert, please know that everything about this video makes me both excited and incredibly jealous. I can’t decide if I should hate young Victor Dukes or rip off my shirt and zoom around my apartment shouting “OH BABY! OH BABY!” like someone up and made my living room Rucker Park. I suppose I should just do both to be safe.

The Score via Reddit

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