The Best And Worst Of TNA Impact Wrestling 1/17/13: Extreme Championship Wedding

By: 01.18.13

Worst: Pretty sure we’ve been over this before, Impact Crowd

Both Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles are 35 years old, have wrestled regularly for a good number of years on television, and with the exception of AJ disappearing to find his smile and Jeff disappearing to find enough of his sobriety to pass any drug tests he’ll have to go through, they really never lost “it.” So what’s up with this sudden need to chant “YOU’VE STILL GOT IT”? Yeesh. Tune in next week when they chant the same thing at a 34 year old Austin Aries, and Brandon has to fill in on the report because I have thrown my laptop from the balcony in a fit of confusion and anger.


Seriously. Just worship them…

Best: Are you okay, Christopher Daniels?

Because you just spilled a lot of tea. During the (mostly one-sided) verbal exchange with Jeff Hardy, Daniels takes a dig at Hardy and his fans by saying that they’re “not creatures of the night, but creatures of habit.” It’s amazing how one little sentence completely sums up almost the entire Jeff Hardy fandom, isn’t it? It was such a small part of this segment, but it’s not often that we get that kind of brutal honesty as a throwaway insult from a primarily comedy-based heel team. Almost the entirety of TNA’s roster and business model is based on this notion: Oh, you used to like this guy? Well hey, come like him here in TNA! He might be a little older, a little slower, and a lot more full of drugs, but if you loved him once you can do it again! I’m happy to see that Jeff Hardy appears to be making strides in his overall health, but admittedly he has been going through the motions. We’ve gotten a few good matches, but nothing overly memorable. There’s nothing much left that makes him innovative or exciting or different. He’s just…Jeff Hardy, plain and simple. Heels can be jerks and say mean things, but the best heels will make you think to the point of throwing your arm-band loving, face-painting, nostalgic fans into a headlong existential crisis.

Worst: James Storm

I know Hogan is pretty busy practicing his disappointed faces and measuring his biceps, but you can’t just magically decide, then and there, that you’re going to launch into a tag team match. You aren’t even wearing pants, let alone a three-piece plaid Teddy Long special. No. Stop it. Bad cowboy. Bad.

Best: Tazz

Wait, what? No no, bear with me! Speaking of throwaway lines, Tazz suggests that Jeff Hardy should paint the truck of James Storm. TEAM PAINT YOUR WAGON IS NOW CANON. Every other tag team name can go home now, thanks. I mean, this isn’t as good as when the WWE blatantly and liberally used a tag name that Brandon had thought of came up with a really great name for Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow, but whatever, it’s TNA. This is the closest we’ll get.

Best: Wrestling!

I enjoyed this match! The creation of it is sketchy at best, but in a show that doesn’t have a whole lot of wrestling, I’m glad we got this one in here. Kazarian sells the Twist of Fate like death, and it looked awesome. Christopher Daniels hit the Angels’ Wings on Hardy on top of the championship belt, then posed over his corpse in true Douchebag Eve Torres fashion. It was great, and I’m looking forward to seeing some good matches out of everyone involved. Even Jeff.

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