The Best And Worst Of TNA Impact Wrestling 1/3/13: TNA Is Totally Radical

By: 01.04.13

Best: Joseph Park, because Joseph Park

Guys! He did it! Joseph Park has proven that he has what it takes! Dickhead Danny Davis believes in him! He’s watching Christopher Daniels matches which is bound to make him improve! He’s a tubby lawyer, but still made it out of OVW faster than Crimson!

I’m so proud of you, actual wrestler pretending to be a lawyer who can’t wrestle who just learned to wrestle which might get weird soon because you could actually be said real wrestler. So proud. This one’s for you, Joe.

Best: ODB

As often as TNA forgoes continuity in favour of whatever jerkoff direction they decide to take their stories in, ODB’s phonecalls and updates on Eric Young make me smile. I know very well what Young is doing off of television, but little kayfabe moments like this that make you want to suspend disbelief are wonderful. More of these, and less Bellator commercials disguised as Knockouts matches, please.

Best: A dream is a wish Hulk Hogan’s crumbling grip on his life makes come true

Realizing that he has now destroyed his relationship with his only daughter, a distraught and distracted (and alliterative!) Hogan makes his way back to his office. Rather than trying to make amends for the damage he’s just done to his professional image and avoid any situations that could prove detrimental to his career, Hogan acts in haste and anger when confronted by two people legitimately wronged. Rather than addressing the fact that Jeff Hardy has booked a PPV match without prior discussion or consent, thus undermining Hogan further in front of the company and television audience, Hogan confirms that there will be a match. Taking it one step further, Hogan raises the stakes to an elimination match, then puts both men (known enemies) in a tag team match against Jeff Hardy and an opponent of his choice.

I believe that his rash decisions should ultimately prove to be his undoing as general manager, however it’ll probably just lead to a dumb Hogan-Bully Ray match (please no), or a Team Hogan-Team Bully Ray Lethal Lockdown (okay maybe). Whatever Hogan’s ultimate redemption is, I just hope it doesn’t involve him wrestling. Brother.

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