The Best And Worst Of TNA Impact Wrestling 1/3/13: TNA Is Totally Radical

By: 01.04.13  •  70 Comments

Worst: Samoa Joe as The Generals

I know Devon and SUPER MYSTERY Aces & Eights member are standing in front of you, but my god, make some kind of effort to rush the cage door. We can all see that D.O.C. is trying to lock you in, and he is the worst at it. The referee has to yell at him to stop while also helping it lock it because he is that bad. Your cyborg friend Kurt Angle can’t help you! HE IS SPINNING THE LOCK ON HIS FINGER JOE JUST TAKE IT FROM HIM.

Worst: That…that’s gotta be Sting!

Worst entrance of 2013. Jesus Christ, TNA.

Best: Mr. Anderson

He’ll take Floridian tailgate party-style blow jobs, and he will give still no f-cks.

Actually, this might be a worst.

Thing that happened: TH’REVEAL

And the chubby Aces & Eights member who isn’t an unintelligible D-Lo is…..MIKE KNOX. Tune in next week when further unmaskings show the remaining members to be Vance Archer, Kevin Thorn, and three members of Mama Funk’s bridge club.

ULTIMATE WORST: Ring Ka King is never, ever, ever getting back together

Well, I won’t say never, but it has been confirmed that Ring Ka King, despite good ratings and the existence of the Mumbai Cats, will not be returning. If you have not seen the glory that is Ring Ka King, I implore you to go watch the full episodes on YouTube, then write to TNA expressing your obvious anger and desolation. Until then, please enjoy this collection of gifs while THESTINGER weeps into his full and manly sadness. Play us out, THESTINGER.

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