The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 2/4/13: Managing As Managing Manager

By: 02.05.13


The last time I subbed for Brandon, this happened. I feel good about my chances that tonight will be a good job.

BEST: Booker T is the Worst

“Actually you’re mistake … Excuse me, like I said actually you’re mistaken, Punk. See, as managing as managing manager of general of…excuse me. Listen Punk, now listen here if you think you can smell what the oh excuse me, Punk. Can you dig anything now, Punk? Now which shovel should Punk use to dig? Should he use the shovel he got at the garden store in 2010? How about the shovel he got in 2011? Or – should Punk use the shovel he got last year? Can he dig me out of this hole? Please get the WWE smartphone on your app to find out. Now mind you me you must get or have gotten already that smartphone app on your own WWE Sucka. Hulk Hogan, I’m coming for you nigga

WORST: Michael Cole’s phone

Homeboy has four different photography apps, only three “social” apps and three games (live a little, Cole). What’s worse is that he has 0 unread text messages and 0 missed calls (get a life, Cole). He uses dropbox and droptext. He has downloaded 0 magazines to his Newstand app. His battery was at 75%. I bet Vickie has a ton of calorie counter apps, huh Rocky.

WORST: WWE Hall of Fame Epico Announcement

Is Epico making the announcement or is Epico getting into the Hall of Fame? Find out on a special Primo time Raw.

WORST: Randy Orton’s Campaign: Believe in America

“Vote for me because when we fought last time it was in Atlanta and we’re in Atlanta tonight so all things that happened in Atlanta before must happen again. Let’s bring Spud Webb and Dominique Wilkins back. Let’s bring David Justice back. Let’s bring the Olympics back. In fact, let’s bring all of 1996 back so I can keep my same shirt on.”

BEST: Antonio Cesaro, MVP of Raw

Not in the Montel Porter way, in a “makes everyone watchable” way. I can’t decide if I want him to lose the U.S. title as soon as possible so we can see him uppercut Sheamus mid-Brogue Kick in the semi main event at Summerslam 2013 or if I want him to be U.S. champion forever. Anyone else hoping for a countout victory and Cesaro announcing next week he’s this guy’s nephew? Should also be noted that Michael Cole said Antonio Cesaro hasn’t tasted a dessert in 3 years. So remember kids, if you eat dessert now you will never be able to uppercut like Antonio.

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