The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 3/7/13: All Works And No Joseph Park Make Danielle Something Something

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Best: Mike Knox

It’s pretty amazing how quickly WWE’s Mike Knox became my favourite Aces & Eights member, and one of my favourite things about watching TNA. He’s so useless, and it’s incredible. Look, he’s laughing! JUST LIKE HE DID IN WWE! Look, he’s pointing at something! JUST LIKE HE DID IN WWE! Look, he’s placing his hand on someone’s shoulder! YOU KNOW, LIKE HE DID IN WWE! Ilu Mike Knox, and I hope you stick around doing absolutely nothing forever.

Worst: Is this a work, brother?

This really is the worst. The Impact crowd is historically so terrible that it’s not hard to believe that some fan would legit think it was okay to throw a beer in a wrestler’s face. It’s also just as easy to think that it’s a plant (which it probably way), and all of this was intentional so that Devon could get the pin and the win and the extra man at Lockdown and blah blah blah I’m over it. It encourages the worst of fans and the laziest of dirty victory tropes. It’s dumb, it’s dangerous, and I can’t pretend that I enjoyed any second of this match other than ‘lol you go Sting, paint that mask closer to your hairline.”

Worst: You can’t see him, we can’t say his name

When introducing Danny Davis as Tazz’s Gut Check replacement, Bruce Pritchard points out that OVW has trained the who’s who of wrestling, then waves his hand in front of his face in the John Cena “you can’t see him” motion. I think this is truly the core of TNA’s problems. As soon as you point to something else as being the pinnacle of wrestling , you immediately bury any of the talent you have on the roster. Instead of saying “he trained Joseph Park, currently undefeated since his return from OVW” and calling back to a current storyline, they have to yet again point out that WWE is “better” than they are. Instead of standing on their own, and taking pride in the good wrestlers they do have (whether they’ve been harvested from WWE’s castoff pile or not), and the compelling stories they’re telling, they’re feeding into whatever grudge they have for not being the top wrestling show on television. By saying that WWE is the best, it insinuates that wrestlers who made their names in WWE then came to TNA have fallen from the mountain top, and the wrestlers who never went to WWE or became more famous in TNA just weren’t good enough to make it in the big leagues. WWE is not. always. better. It’s different, for sure, and while they may have more money and better ratings, I would much rather see Christopher Daniels or Joseph Park or Abyss than say, Zack Ryder or Ryback. I would also much rather see Mark Henry or Antonio Cesaro than Garrett Bischoff. They are two separate companies in the same field of business, and TNA would be much better off giving up their inferiority complex and focusing on what they should be doing to improve or continuing what works with confidence instead of bitterness.

Best: Is that you, Sinister Minister?

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