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The Continuing Saga Of Bucky Boyd, America's Worst Fighter

By 03.05.13

Listen to Bucky’s “Apollo Creed in Rocky IV” introduction. He’s a popular superstar and everybody loves him! Then, perfectly, watch as Tree turns into Ivan Drago.

That has got to be the worst fighting I’ve ever seen. All that build for THAT? Maybe Bucky should’ve been, I don’t know, learning how to take or throw a punch instead of squishing grapes and cutting down somebody’s trees with a chainsaw. He doesn’t even do anything that could be CONSIDERED offensive. He just holds his hands up like a guy who has never been in a fight, then collapses like King Hippo the first time he gets touched.

Maybe the lesson here is that Tree is a spectacular fighter? I don’t know. This is the end of your 15 minutes, Bucky. You are no longer allowed to have viral videos. Now you’re just Bob Sapp. If you can convince Rough N Rowdy to find some people to take a dive for you, maybe you can be Kimbo Slice.

[h/t to Jessica/Lobster Mobster for the fight video]

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