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A 30 Person Backflip On Skis, Or 'The Human Centipede Of Winter Sports'

By 04.30.13

30 person backflip Update: Canada has surpassed the United States in the aerospace industry. Thanks a lot, Obama!

Dozens of skiers in Quebec, Canada, take part in a world record attempt, performing a 30 person mass backflip on skis. The participants hold hands as they jump and all land neatly. This is their second attempt at the jump at Mont Saint-Sauveur in the Laurentian mountains.

There’s so much to love about this clip. How low the skiers have to go to pull off a 30 person backflip, how they kinda look like somebody’s stitches when they’re in the air, the wonderfully-Canadian responses from the crowd (“whoa ho!”) and my favorite, the SNOWMAN MOUNTAIN. We should turn every snowy hill into a snowman. This should not be optional.

Get your shit together, America. We should be prepping for the 31-man backflip launch right now. Don’t let the onset of summer keep us from being the best in the world at everything. Well, everything useless.


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