The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 4/11/13: I Call It A Kaiser Blade

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Best: Mr. Anderson

This past weekend a few of us had a conversation about how good TNA is vs. how much BS I create to make it enjoyable for myself. This is definitely one of those “make your own fun” instances. Mr. Anderson is not good at…things in general, but as he increasingly turns himself more and more into Karl Childers, the better his on-screen appearances become. Come on, Ken. Please please please let this end in you asking AJ “reckon what you like to eat,” luring him to the Aces & Eights side of things with some French-fried potaters, then murdering Tazz with a lawnmower blade.

Worst: AJ Styles

I almost feel bad for saying that AJ Styles is going Full Donst, because at the end of the day, Tim Donst has personality and depth and motivations. AJ Styles is just unkempt and possibly cold all the time. For someone who is being courted by Hogan, Bad Influence, Aces & Eights, and I guess the Superkick of the Cowboy James Storm, I hope he chooses none of them, giving his final rose to the first bottle of shampoo he can find.

Best: Christopher Daniels is a John Byrne Guy


Worst: What on earth are you wearing, James Storm


Worst: Rob Terry

Sigh. This is what you broke up the Sweater Bros for? To send him back to something that barely earns the description of mediocre? I beg you, TNA, rekindle the bromance, get rid of that ridiculous T-100 graphic (because it was never, ever a good idea), and just let the man maintain a shred of levity in this sad clusterjerk of a show.

Worst: Magno’s Gut Check Final Decision

Sorry Magno, see you never. Hello, Nellie the Sea Otter!

Ahhh. Much better.

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