The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 4/18/13: Eager Young Lads And Rogues And Cads

By: 04.19.13

BEST AND WORST QUESTION PERIOD: If you could see anyone in the X-Division, who would it be?

For the record, immediately acceptable answers would be Uhaa Nation, Rich Swann, ACH, and AR Fox (or as they would be known in TNA, Hoo-rah Country, Ricky Swing, MSG, and Aaron Fawkes). Hell, throw in Shane Strickland and Bolt Brady for good measure. I’m a bit biased as I would like to see them wrestle each other and everyone all the time always, but either way, we’ve got some smart, saavy readers, and I want to know who YOU think! Leave us a comment. Post some YouTube videos. Give me a shout on the twitters. Worst-case scenario, we get to watch some rad matches and maybe learn about some talented wrestlers we haven’t seen before. Best case scenario, TNA reads this and I can watch these guys wrestle each other and everyone all the time always.

Worst: Real Female Conversations™

TNA didn’t post this segment to their YouTube channel, and it’s probably for the best. Not only does it feature Brooke Hogan, but it features her trying to have real, human conversations with Christy Hemme, Mickie James, and Miss Tessmacher. Strong, strong acting skills in that bunch, eh? Brooke says that Mickie has been showing some real heart out there (despite not being on TV in four weeks, good scouting there Brooke). Miss Tessmacher attempts to sympathize with Brooke by extending an offer of whatever Brooke needs – a cry, a hug, food – because, as Brooke reminds us, Bully Ray “is a jerk.” Yup. The guy who lied to her, tricked her into sleeping with him, tricked her into loving him, tricked her into marrying him, won’t annul the marriage, and continues to emotionally torment her while physically tormenting her father and co-workers? *giggle* That jerk! Those are some Accurate Female Portrayals™ right there.

Best and Worst: Choose your own adventure

Seriously. I cannot keep writing worsts. There will be bests later on, but oh lord is it a rocky road to get there. So hey, let’s make this simple – YOU make the choice.

In the first video we have Magnus getting jumped by 3/8ths, them not understanding how numbers work yet again, and getting scared off by, of all people, Samoa Joe (lol).

In the second video, we have Eddie the Sea Otter playing basketball.

In the third video, we have Velvet Sky attempting to explain where and how badly her knee hurts while a medical professional pokes around through her fishnets.

In the fourth video, a baby Sea Otter swims around with her paws covering her eyes.

In the fifth video, Devon faces Samoa Joe for the Television Title with predictable results.

In the sixth video, a Dachshund puppy chases a crab on the beach with predictably adorable results.

Choose wisely.

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