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The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 4/18/13: Eager Young Lads And Rogues And Cads

By 04.19.13

Worst: AJ’s House of Style

If you are cold enough to wear a hoodie and a jacket, then you are cold enough to wear a shirt. And that hoodie-jacket combo alongside your ring gear? No, AJ. You are not Tim Donst. That does not work for you. One could even say those styles….clash.

Best: Bad Influence finally get their own shirts

When they first came into view, I got so excited that I sat up, tossed my phone down on the couch, and opened up my laptop to check the TNA website to make sure these were real. And they are! The former WTTCotW and Bald Best Friends finally have their own company-approved shirt. I mean, they have their own shirts that are way, way better, one of which is autographed and in the next room, but still. It’s nice to see merchandise supporting people I like instead of the egotistical wank job of the Dixie Carter action figure, or the end result of said wank job.

Worst: …and then I really looked at the shirt

I know it’s a little much asking for good graphic design from a company who made a shirt that spells out a wrestler’s first name in ejaculate, but maybe next time let someone other than Rolf the messenger boy design your shirts please?

Even Worster Worst: ….I will still probably end up owning it

Last night a friend (shout out to bad boy Batman expert Chris Sims) was sending me links to ugly wrestling shirts.

Fact: This was one of them.

Fact: That shirt is really ugly.

Fact: I believe in supporting your favourite wrestlers no matter how ugly their merch is.

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