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Golf And Vanilla Ice, Together At Last

By 05.03.13

slice slice baby Vanilla Ice golf parodyVia

Teaching pro Marty McCurry has a new way to fix his students’ golf swing. If they don’t start swinging “inside-out,” he threatens to keep rapping. Enjoy!

I’ll be straight with you … when I saw that there was a Vanilla Ice parody video about golf called ‘Slice, Slice Baby,’ my first thought was, “oh great, the Golf Boys again.” Now I’m just happy that the Golf Boys have an N*SYNC to their Backstreet Boys. N*SYNC were the ones that would just randomly rap, right? Or was that everyone.

I hope this video catches on, because it can’t be too hard to put this in Actual Vanilla Ice’s hands and get him to cameo in the follow-up, which I assume would be called ‘What It’s Like (Havin’ A Rory)’. Buy him a sandwich at the clubhouse and he’s in!

[h/t as always to Shane over at Devil Ball Golf]


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