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The Robots Have Come To Kill Us At Gymnastics

By 07.16.13

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 12.36.56 PM

Remember when Kerri Strug stuck a vault on an injured ankle to clinch the gold medal for the United States back at the 1996 Olympics? Imagine how cool that would’ve been if somebody had given her a ROBOT LEG between vaults.

Meet Horizontal Bar Gymnast Robot NO.16, an Asian robot who has perfected a quadruple backflip, complete with judge salute. He is Kerri Strug for a cold, soulless generation, and I hope this is some sort of weird viral marketing for a Real Steel sequel about the world’s gymnasts controlling giant bots in a post-apocalyptic Olympics.

Video is after the jump.

Sure, Horizontal Bar Gymnast Robot NO.16 is the best at gymnastics, but Horizontal Bar Gymnast Robot NO.19 is the cute one.

[h/t to BroBible]


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