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Spider-Man Will Not Stop Humiliating Strangers On The Basketball Court

By / 08.28.13

Spiderman basketball part 2

Back in July, we shard a clip of And1 Mixtape star Grayson “The Professor” Boucher destroying people at basketball while dressed as Spider-Man. It was the meaner, better version of an in-costume Andrew Garfield hanging out on the court with a bunch of kids.

Part 2 has arrived, and while it still doesn’t feature him dunking and sticking to the backboard, it’s got all the humiliation and stunned silence of the original. Guys in the background muttering “is this real life” while a living Spider-Man breaks their ankles is delightful.

Check it out.

If I’m one of Boucher’s peers, the first thing I’m gonna do in response to this is go out to a Halloween Express, buy a Green Goblin costume and wait for him to go out on one of these viral video chases. Then I show up in the middle of his thing, school HIM at basketball, throw his girlfriend off the George Washington Bridge and steal his thunder.

Okay, I might not murder his girlfriend, but it’d be funny.

[h/t to BSO]


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