The Best & Worst Moments From The Season 4 Premiere Of ‘Eastbound & Down’

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And Then There’s The Mustang Guy

Nice Sebring 1

Nice Sebring 2

Nice Sebring 3

Nice Sebring 4

Nice Sebring 5

Nice Sebring 6

Nice Sebring 7

Nice Sebring 8

I knew as soon as this juiced up tattoo freak showed up that Kenny would get his number in the end, and I couldn’t have been happier with the result. Again, this was a really depressing episode for 20+ minutes until Kenny finally had a few sex on the beaches and let loose with Guy Young and the Sports Sesh crew. But for the phoenix to be reborn, it was going to be obviously necessary for Kenny to come back with authority and f*ck someone up. In chapter 22, we got to watch him do it to two people and they were both wonderfully insufferable and incredibly realistic.

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Is There A Place For Kenny Powers On TV?

Kenny Dancing 1

Kenny Dancing 2

Kenny Dancing 3

Kenny Dancing 4

Kenny’s former teammate, Guy Young, is the macho talking head type with an ego the size of his ratings, which sounds like the perfect scenario for Kenny to get involved with. It also doesn’t hurt that Guy is played by Ken Marino and I still shout, “I wanna dip my balls in it!” at least once a week. But I feel like we were teased with “The Kenny Powers Saga” screenplay, in that I could have watched an entire season of Kenny working on the movie of his own life. Then again, I can’t imagine that casual fans of the show would share my movie-loving zest for such a meta season-long concept, so as usual I’ll have to trust the writers on this one.

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What’s Up With The Tackle Box?

Episode 1 Tackle Box

Are those drugs old? Have they been sitting in there for a long time or does he keep replenishing his drug supply “just in case” he decides to unleash the old Kenny on everyone?

Will Kenny Be Able To Return To Fame And Keep His Family In Tact?

Episode 1 April

Seven episodes left to find that out. Let’s hope that he and April can stay on the same page. You know, if Kenny can stop offending all of their friends.

Impressions 1

Impressions 2

Impressions 3

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