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Baseball Season Is Over, So Here's The 20 Longest Home Runs Of 2013

By 10.03.13

Evan Gattis

Welp, that’s it for baseball.

Last night the Cleveland Indians left a Major League record 650 men on base en route to a 3-0 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays, ending the season for not only themselves and me, but for every MLB team. No playoffs or World Series for anybody this year. Sorry, everybody!

To celebrate a season that was up until now going so well, here’s a compilation of the 20 longest home runs of 2013. Highlights include Evan Gattis legally murdering the ball, Chris Davis channeling the spirit of Brady Anderson, and poor Giancarlo Stanton hitting a ball almost 500 feet and having not so much an animated fish sculpture robot to celebrate it. Check it out:

Here’s the full list of shots, with a transcription h/t to Bob’s Blitz:

Adam Dunn CHW 08/04/13 462 0:00
Giancarlo Stanton MIA 09/18/13 463 0:18
Mike Trout LAA 05/23/13 463 0:33
Torii Hunter DET 04/13/13 463 0:49
Pablo Sandoval SF 05/21/13 464 1:12
J.D. Martinez HOU 05/15/13 464 1:30
David Wright NYM 05/03/13 464 1:42
Colby Rasmus TOR 05/21/13 465 2:02
Chris Davis BAL 08/10/13 466 2:18
Logan Morrison MIA 09/06/13 467 2:47
Mike Napoli BOS 05/01/13 467 3:12
Colby Rasmus TOR 04/06/13 468 3:35
Todd Frazier CIN 04/24/13 470 3:54
Mark Trumbo LAA 09/07/13 471 4:27
Jay Bruce CIN 06/22/13 472 4:44
Mike Napoli BOS 05/01/13 472 5:05
Anthony Rizzo CHC 04/18/13 475 5:30
Mark Trumbo LAA 04/29/13 475 6:13
Hunter Pence SF 08/27/13 476 6:57
Evan Gattis ATL 09/08/13 486 7:41

For bonus fun, compare home run calls. For bonus BONUS fun, juxtapose the excitement of the home run call with how empty the stadium is. I’m excited for all those people at Progressive Field to attending their next Indians game in October 2014.


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