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Keith Olbermann Nailed It On Why Sports Uniforms And Politics Don’t Mix

By 11.07.13

Olbermann sports uniforms politics

Keith Olbermann is never better than when he’s giving sports-types a serious talking to about why they’re acting like idiots, be it his bone-shattering rant against teams with no idea how to handle 9/11 or that time he ripped Pete Prisco’s terrible concussions column to shreds. Last night’s show featured Olbermann’s thoughts on why you shouldn’t add political elements to sports uniforms, and I know that seems like it’s a really niche topic, but just this week we’ve had to deal with:

– The Bakersfield Condors, who’ll be wearing Abraham Lincoln-themed sweaters to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg address.

– Northwestern’s bloody Wounded Warriors jerseys, which Under Armour claims are tactful and not covered in blood despite the fact that they are obviously covered in blood.

– Madureira, a Brazilian football club that put Che Guevara on their shirts to celebrate a trip they made to Cuba 50 years ago.

– Crack-smoking Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s sad, old NFL tie.

Keith touches on all of those things here and says what most of us are thinking. Especially about that tie.

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