It’s Friday, So Here’s A Bully Getting Speared Into A Car Door

By: 12.06.13

Occasionally we run out of MMA stories to share, and in lieu of just telling you who we think will win fights based on how angry they look, we’ll share a clip of a kid wrestling a bear or Bucky Boyd eating a stuffed animal or hillbillies trying to choke each other out in their living room and call it mixed-martial arts. Being crazy and flailing around are both fighting styles, right? And they’re mixed.

Anyway, Middle Easy shared this WORLDSTAR-quality video of two girls fighting outside of a McDonald’s, so we’re calling it STREETFIGHTING MMA and going with it. It’s also a little professional wrestling, too, as you’ll see when one girl gets a Roman Reigns-style spear into a car door and gets knocked out. The chorus of girls going dyyyyammmmn makes it even better.

First person to put a Jim Ross call behind this and send it to me gets the greatest hat-tip ever.

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