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So Hey, Here’s A Guy Bare-Handing A Flying Hockey Puck At An AHL Game While Holding A Baby

By 01.07.14

AHL hockey puck baby

If you are holding a baby at a hockey game, here is a list of things you should do:

1. Avoid putting said baby directly in the path of an oncoming hockey puck
2. Repeat step 1

That’s it. “Keep your baby from dying.”

Here is a man doing the opposite of that as he holds a baby and catches an errant puck at an AHL game between the Norfolk Admirals and Bridgeport Sound Tigers. Well, I guess the opposite of that would be “the baby dying” and the baby doesn’t die, so he’s just … on his way to doing the opposite of that. Thank goodness this guy’s seen Untamed Heart one too many times.

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The best part of the video for me is the little girl seated next to them. He’s getting a pop from the crowd for catching a puck with a baby in his arms, and this kid’s desperately clawing at him, trying to get the puck. I really wish the video had ended with him handing her the baby and clutching the puck to his chest.

h/t to NESN


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