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On His 67th Birthday, Here Is A Ranking Of Mike Krzyzewski’s Angriest Faces

By 02.13.14

18) Sometimes referees would ignore him, like this clueless dolt. Years later, he’d begin his new career as Coach K’s personal ass scratcher.

7 Coach K is evil

17) One season, Mike coached his players using only his eyes. His specific facial cue for “Take a seat” has killed grown men.

8 Coach K is evil

16) I don’t know if he’s yawning or yelling, but it still scares the sh*t out of me.

9 Coach K is evil

15) One time, Danny Ferry made a basic mistake during a game, and Mike made both teams play without the ball for an entire quarter.

10 Coach K is evil

14) He wasn’t even coaching in this picture. His wife was late to the game.

11 Coach K is evil

13) Like Bruce Leroy in The Last Dragon, Coach K has been known to glow when he reaches a perfect anger.

12 Coach K is evil

12) Unlike most coaches, Mike believes that he actually possesses super saiyan anger powers. He’s correct.

13 Coach K is evil

11) One time, a young girl messed up a line in the National Anthem before a game, and Mike had her parents deported.

14 Coach K is evil

10) The closest that Coach K ever came to losing his cool was during the 1987-88 season when a student in the crowd accidentally made eye contact with him.

15 Coach K is evil

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