On His 67th Birthday, Here Is A Ranking Of Mike Krzyzewski’s Angriest Faces

By: 02.13.14

9) When the crowd gets too loud during games, Coach K directs his players using a high-pitched scream.

16 Coach K is evil

8) He’s not coaching. This is how he proposed to his wife.

18 Coach K is evil

7) Coach K has won 17 Grammys for his ongoing series of albums, “Cover Songs to Get Horny To.”

19 Coach K is evil

6) If Coach K ever punched you, your face would turn into sand.

20 Coach K is evil

5) Mike rarely ever has endorsement deals, not because it sends the wrong message to players, but because of this watch ad that bankrupted the company.

21 Coach K is evil

4) Seconds later, a very embarrassed Grant Hill apologized to the mop boy for sweating so much.

22 Coach K is evil


23 Coach K is evil


24 Coach K is evil

1) And with one simple motion, Coach K snapped the spines of the entire crowd at the Dean Smith Center.

25 Coach K is evil

And as an added bonus, I have obtained this exclusive proof that Coach K will live forever using cloning to harvest basketball genius stem cells.

Coach K sperms

(Images via Getty, original sperm via Shutterstock)

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