On Don Cherry’s 80th Birthday, Here Is A Tribute To The Hockey Icon’s Incredible Suits

By: 02.05.14

While his coaching career only lasted six seasons, Cherry still showed up in 2005 to coach Team Cherry in the Top Prospects game, and this might have actually been the same suit from 1975.

4 Don Cherry

A lot of people may argue, though, that Cherry’s criticism of other countries and his political beliefs have redefined him, and that’s a valid point. But he wasn’t shy about combining his strange fashion sense with politics, like when he spoke at Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s induction in 2010 while wearing a pink suit that he dedicated to the “pinko commies” of the world. That’s why it’s so ironic that he’s currently in Russia.

5 Don Cherry

However, this tribute is about fashion, and I can’t help but appreciate a guy who dresses like that one guy in the Mighty Mighty Bosstones who just dances.

6 Don Cherry

Or a walking, talking, puck-dropping Christmas decoration.

7 Don Cherry

And Colonel Sanders if he’d been from 1920s Chicago and not the South.

8 Don Cherry


9 Don Cherry

This suit looks like he lost a game of chicken with a truck full of zebras.

10 Don Cherry

If Morpheus from The Matrix had hidden from Agent Smith by pretending he was my aunt’s recliner.

11 Don Cherry

He looks like he’s playing Steven Seagal’s dad in Fire Down Below.

12 Don Cherry

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