On Don Cherry’s 80th Birthday, Here Is A Tribute To The Hockey Icon’s Incredible Suits

By: 02.05.14

Even though Cherry misquoted Shakespeare, he still knew the subject matter, because he even put on the occasional show for fans of hard-nosed hockey and the Bard of Avon.

22 Don Cherry

One of my favorite short-lived blogs was “Don We Now Our Gay Apparel,” because they always had a great collection of screencaps from Cherry’s CBC broadcasts. I call this one “The Dog Pooped On The Rug But We Can’t Tell Where.”

23 Don Cherry

This one is “Baby Boy’s Nursery Of Unholy Nightmares.”

24 Don Cherry

This suit is “What Would Have Happened If I Let My Grandmother Design My Prom Tux.”

25 Don Cherry

I call this “Hey, I’ve Offended Most Of Europe And Russia, But I Can’t Remember If I Covered Ireland, So Just In Case.”

26 Don Cherry

“We’ve gone plaid!”

27 Don Cherry

This one is called “Cambodian Spring Break.”

28 Don Cherry

And this one is “The Sheets After An Orgy At The Brady Bunch House.”

29 Don Cherry

And finally, “The Big Bad Bruin.” Happy birthday, you crazy, old hockey legend.

30 Don Cherry

(Images via Getty and Don We Now)

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