The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 2/28/14: Deal With It

By: 03.01.14


Best: Sheamus, Alright Fella

Since his return I, like many of you, have been on edge waiting for the moment when pleasant enough top-notch worker Sheamus transforms back into a living 2000s-era Adam Sandler joke. So far it hasn’t happened, but on Smackdown he faced his greatest challenge yet — briefly standing in the same room as Alberto Del Rio.

Sheamus was of course paired with Del Rio when his comedic persona was in full rancid bloom, a feud that “peaked” when Sheamus proudly filled Del Rio’s car with burrito diarrhea, because Vince is old and doesn’t like that there foreign food.

Anyways, on Smackdown Sheamus was…perfectly agreeable. He called Vickie “love” and seemed like he meant it, and then made a crack about Del Rio’s hair, which actually made me laugh because, seriously, Del Rio’s hair is pretty bad. I think we can breath easy guys, good Sheamus is here to stay (at least until he gets a serious title push again).


Best: Christian In Real People Clothes

Hey, Christian doesn’t look so bad when he’s wearing something other than saggy-ass wrestling trunks and orange paint. I guess the poor guy got wind of all of JBL’s “2/10 Would Not Bang” comments.

Uh, so Sheamus and Del Rio had a match, which hmmmm — as mentioned, I’ve liked Sheamus since his return, but Del Rio is a sucking black hole of boring these days. More entertaining than the match, was Christian on commentary. Christian’s commentary is just like his wrestling — workmanlike, unflashy, but fundementally rock solid. He explained his heel character succinctly and convincingly, never once let ol’ dickhead one and dickhead two bully him, and added a few bits of entertaining color, like his exasperated “Oh, come on, you’ve gotta be kidding me” when Del Rio bumbled into Sheamus’ cloverleaf. Then he even managed to successfully complete the Killswitch! It was a good day at the ol’ grappling office for Christian is what I’m saying.

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