The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 2/28/14: Deal With It

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Worst: Your Smackdown Guest Host, Funnyman Steve Harvey!

So, for some reason we were treated to Bray Wyatt’s Steve Harvey-deep insights into the oh-so-sordid relationship between men and women on Smackdown. Ya see, guys go out and make money, oh but you know they’re just makin’ that money to get the ladies who are off putting on make-up and what the f–k am I listening to here? Then he somehow segued into something about how John Cena is on billboards and siiiigh — this is yet another “face of the company” storyline isn’t it? I don’t care who the face of the company is. I don’t care if it’s John Cena or, wait, isn’t it supposed to be Randy Orton? Guess that’s only in the other top Wrestlemania storyline. Also, where the hell is Bray seeing all these John Cena billboards out in the bayou?

Best: Sierra Echo Ect to the Rescue

But then suddenly, the clouds part, The Shield stomps out and the mood entirely changes, because The Wyatts vs. Shield storyline isn’t about WWE’s corporate image or who generates the most licensing revenue, it’s about two tough cool teams who want to prove themselves the best via fisticuffs. Suddenly Bray’s telling The Shield to listen to their daddy like a badass instead of prattling like a fop. As part of The Shield never actually breaking up, can they also be the only guys Bray Wyatt feuds with forever?

Worst: Somebody Take Cameron’s Melina/Alicia Fox Tape Away Please

Cameron decides to emulate one thing about her co-inspiration Melina and she chooses the non-stop screeching and not the apron butthole splits? I’m beginning to think this girl just doesn’t have a feel for the business.

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