The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 3/28/14: Triple H And Batista Are Smirking Each Other Off Again

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Best: Jack Swagger Outwrestled Somebody?

No, really! He made somebody tap out to his finishing submission maneuver and stood over them the better man! When was the last time that happened? I honestly can’t remember. When The Real Americans win it’s always Cesaro’s doing, or if Swagger does pick up the win, it’s just some sort of roll-up nonsense.

Who’d a thunk it — when the massive master of amateur wrestling beats a guy clean with a wrestling hold all the humiliation and jobbing washes away and the dude immediately seems credible as hell again. Funny how that works.

Worst: The Miz is Wrestling Who Now?

The closer we get to Wrestlemania the more stuff WWE tries to cram into Raw and Smackdown. The difference is, the extra Raw stuff is usually important, while the extra Smackdown stuff is The Miz vs. Mark Henry. Who in the world thought this match was a good idea? Who in the world thought Mark Henry selling for The Miz for even a millisecond was a good idea? Who?

Worst: So Good Of Big Show To Balance Precariously On Bray’s Knee Like That

I thought for sure the copy of Smackdown I was watching was going to cut off early, because this match didn’t start until literally five minutes before the end of the show. Thankfully (?) it didn’t, and they were smart to keep things short — as I’ve mentioned, Bray is quite good when he faces a small, springy guys who can bounce off him and not so good against the bigger guys, and Big Show is the biggest guy of them all.

The ending, Bray Wyatt Sister Abigail-ing the Big Show, was cool in theory, but required far too much complicity on Big Show’s part. I’ve seen less coordinated efforts between guys carrying a sectional up a narrow apartment stairwell — it’s hard to buy into a move when one guy spends 10-seconds gingerly lowering himself onto his opponent’s leg beforehand. But hey, Bray pinned a giant! That’s something! Unfortunately for him, his opponent at Wrestlemania is a far larger obstacle.

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