The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 3/7/14: Sacrifices

By: 03.08.14

WLSmackdown372For some reason WWE didn’t post a video of this match online. CONSPIRACY. 

Best: Eva Marie, Professional Grappler

What’s this? Eva Marie in-ring grappling action? You’d think they would have announced this well in advance, but sure! Who says Smackdown’s the B-show?

This watch was even, uh, “better” than I could have hoped. First off, the match starts off with Eva Marie vs. Tamina, and holy s–t, we’re going to see a real live death on TV, aren’t we? Eva Marie looks more concerned with her hair than the supposedly intimidating Tamina, then limply saunters into the middle of the ring, and wait, what? Tamina is bumping for Eva Marie? Did Eva Marie just blow a snot rocket on Tamina?

Okay, Tamina finally takes control. Eva Marie’s selling isn’t “I’ve been knocked down and am in pain” so much as, “It’s Sunday morning and I don’t want to get out of bed.” Are, are those Eva Marie chants? Is this real life?

Anyways, eventually Natalya gets tagged in, looks better than she has in a while, pins AJ annnd the women’s division has been reset to November of last year. Although I suppose technically Eva Marie also won. Hmmm, do I smell an AJ/Eva Marie Wrestlemania match brewing? Just play Lita’s music when Eva comes out and maybe nobody will notice the difference.

Best: Are We Done Here, Or Are We Done?

Between this and the last couple weeks of Batista stuff, the best parts of recent Smackdowns have been the talky segments. That never happens. Once in a while a Smackdown match might matter, but the talking stuff is never anything but an excuse to set up a tag TEAM match.

Anyways, yeah, this was great. Somehow they managed to take Rollins walking out on the team on Raw, and believably twist it around so that he was still the good guy and the jilted Ambrose was still the bad guy. They’ve given these guys personalities that are extensions of the way they wrestle, so it feels like these are deep characters that have been with us from the start as opposed to something they just came up with once they wanted to break the team up.

Rollins, the guy who hurls himself over the top rope half-a-dozen times per match is the sacrificial one. Ambrose is the crazy, angry guy. Reigns, who spends most of the time on the apron pursing his lips before tagging in and destroying everybody, is the stoic one who’s going to snap eventually. We didn’t know it at the time, but every Shield six man was part of a yearlong character building exercise. Perfect.

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