The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 3/7/14: Sacrifices

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Worst: 15-minutes of Alberto Del Rio Wrestling

On the plus side, I was totally expecting Dolph to come out to do commentary then climb up on the table to distract Del Rio who would totally not remember he did the exact same thing in the opening match. Instead Sheamus just kicked Del Rio in the face and pinned him for the thousandth time! So uh, hooray for one form of repetitiveness over another?

Worst: John Cena’s Legacy

So, last week it seemed like Bray Wyatt/Cena was going to be another Face Of The Company thing, but now this week it’s about the second most annoying thing a John Cena feud can be about — John Cena’s legacy.

John Cena’s legacy is already well established. His legacy is “being the top guy and making millions of dollars a year for over a decade”. He doesn’t need to defeat the Rock to cement his legacy, and Bray Wyatt beating him won’t destroy his legacy. Part of Cena’s legacy is he’s the guy who always pops right back up on Raw no matter what happens to him, so forgive me if Bray Wyatt’s scary talk doesn’t impress me.

How about we make Cena/Wyatt a #1 contender’s match? So they’re actually fighting for a thing Wyatt can take from Cena. Or, I dunno, over who’s the toughest best wrestler? No? Too easy?

Best: How Many Hosses Does It Take To Make A Daniel Bryan Match Boring?

The answer, apparently, is more than three, but damn if Kane, Big Show and Batista didn’t give it the ol’ college try. Until Bryan tagged in this match was, as one might expect, a bit slow and rough, although I did chuckle at Batista being all, “Oh f–k no” and hitting a fetal position when Show went for a third chest chop. Once Bryan got in there things started cooking, and the finish, with Big Show KO punching Kane through the ropes, was fun. Between this match and Sheamus/Christian on Raw, guys getting knocked out through the ropes seems to be the agents’ new obsession.

And that’s it for the Smackdown report! Seem a little shorter than usual? Well, that’s because I actually watched a far more important wrestling show yesterday…

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