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Japanese Soccer Meets Human Bowling In The Best Goal Celebration Of The Week

By 03.24.14

This weekend’s been all about NCAA Tournament celebrations and Duke schadenfreude, but we think our favorite celebration of the week goes to Japanese midfielder Hidetoshi Wakui and his expert bowling skills.

Here’s the pertinent information, from the YouTube description:

This awesome celebration comes from the Estonian Tallinn derby between Nomme Kalju and Flora.

31 year old Japanese midfielder Hidetoshi Wakui 和久井秀俊 gave Kalju the lead in the 21st minute.

The celebration that followed was priceless, as his teammates pretended to be pins for a game of bowling.

Unsurprisingly, Wakui bowled them over with his brilliant bowling skills. The game ended 1-1

Prepare to be soccer’d over by this wonderful bowling celebration:

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It’s the natural evolution of the Prince Fielder walk-off.


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