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Take A Moment To Enjoy Birdman's Brutal Handshake And Magical Interview Skills

By 03.12.14

Chris Birdman Andersen postgame interview

Last week Ken Griffey Jr. gave a spectacularly awkward interview to SportsCenter’s Linda Cohn that made him look like a weirdo and kind of an a-hole at the same time. If you thought that was going to be the month’s best interview, hold on to your butts for Chris Birdman Andersen’s Ron Swanson meets Justin Bieber’s deposition post-gamer.

It includes:

1. a handshake so forceful it almost goes rogue
2. Birdman messing with his chair while people are talking to him
3. tons of alternately dickish and hilarious one-word answers
4. beard scratchin’
5. “birdlike” being declared not a word

It manages to be intensely awful and charmingly hilarious at the same time. It’s the LeBron James’ shoe leaving skidmarks of postgame interviews and I want to nominate Birdman for all-times postgame interviewee.

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