The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 4/11/14: Tanned, Light Hair And Lots Of Color

By: 04.12.14

Best: FandangEl

YES! Fandangel! Laylango! Fandeever!

Summer Rae has developed into a pretty solid solo performer, but she’s always sucked on ice as Fandango’s dance partner. You know it’s true. She a terrible dancer and her and Fandango’s chemistry make Santemma look like f–king Tracy and Hepburn. You can pretty much draw a direct parallel between Fandango dumping Ann Dango for Summer Rae and Fandango’s spiral into mediocrity.

Will aligning with Layla fire Fandango back to the top? I dunno, but if it involves Layla shaking her butt on a frequent basis I’m on board. Hell, I’m willing to officially declare FandangEl segments Worst-proof if they bring back Layla’s curly hair.



Worst: What Are You Talking About Paige?

Okay listen, Paige is very pretty and a talented wrestler and I’m glad she’s been called up, but I’m not looking forward to WWE pushing how unique she is. In this video package/promo Paige goes on about how WWE Divas are all tanned, light haired and wear lots of color before cutting to footage of her beating AJ Lee. You know, the longest reining Divas champion ever who’s dark haired and mostly wears black. Also, you’re getting into some dangerous territory going after AJ for her tan. This is the same problem Sheamus has run into — you can’t boast about your differentness when what sets you apart is being extra super Caucasian. Sorry, it just doesn’t work that way.

Aside from the lack of tan, you’re a super attractive legacy wrestler who won the title when you’re barely old enough to drink. You’re lady Randy Orton, Paige — own it. It worked out okay for him.

Best: Brothers in Arm Tattoos

Speaking of Orton, I just have to take a moment to say how happy I am he and Batista have found their way back to one another. On their own both guys can get the job done okay, but kind of feel like they’re missing something. As a duo though, they’re a hairless, flesh-colored dynamic duo — WWE’s version of The Johnsons who have somehow won 18 World Titles between them. If there’s a better duo to face off against an exciting, passionate team on the rise like The Shield I don’t wanna know about it.

Of course we’re all probably hoping for a little too much from this feud. War Games isn’t coming back, and neither is CM Punk, but hey, everyone is in the position they should be, John Cena isn’t sticking his nose into things (yet) and the matches are going to be great even if they don’t take place in a double ring. That’s about all you can ask of WWE. Get ready for a summer of wrestling being good.

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