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The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 4/18/14: Tonight Your Luck Rans Out

By 04.19.14

Best: Now This Is How You Waste Time

Don’t get me wrong, Paul Heyman is one of the best talkers of all time, but sometimes, particularly recently, the guy can be a bit too fustian. A little stilted. I realize he talks slowly and emphasizes weird SYLlaBLES to annoy the crowd, but I kind of miss Paul’s passionate side and wish he’d drop the affected delivery sometimes. So I heartily enjoyed Paul just screaming MY CLIENT BROCK LESNAR CONQUERED THE STREAK for five minutes straight. Sure, it was pure filler that, much like the opening Triple H promo, imparted zero new information, but hey, I’m fine with entertaining asshole filler. I mean, entertaining filler from an asshole. Uh…well, you get what I mean.

Best: Mean Girl Match

A Paige/Aksana match? That’s proceeded by an Aksana promo? Whaaat? Welp, barring any disasters, this is the clear frontrunner for best Smackdown I’ve ever reviewed.

This match was surprisingly good. Maybe the best main roster women’s match I’ve seen this year. Paige is a badass of course, and Aksana is secretly the orbital bone crushing most dangerous girl on the roster and these two just belted the s–t out of one another.

Also, they’ve quietly sanded out the inconsistencies in Paige’s character. The crying and mass hugging from Raw has been forgotten — now Paige is a deadly submission wrestler all the other girls are jealous of. So basically an AJ we’re supposed to like because of, um, reasons. Hey, I never stopped liking AJ, so that’s cool with me.

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