The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 4/18/14: Tonight Your Luck Rans Out

By: 04.19.14


Best: Filth

Santemma’s past dalliances have left me wanting (to say the least), but I dunno, I kind of enjoyed Emma spreading open a sock so Santino could insert himself. I feel dirty.

Also, this was kind of adorable…



Best: Batista vs. Sheamus

Oh Sheamus. The poor guy’s the most lost in the shuffle dude in WWE right now, which is a shame, because he remains a miracle worker. This was easily the best one-on-one match Batista has had since returning to the WWE. Hell, take the huge crowd and portentous atmosphere away from the main event of Wrestlemania, and this is the best match Batista has had since returning full stop. There was a nice contrast between legit badass Sheamus and Batista, who weaseled around with the turnbuckles and ropes whenever possible. Speaking of which, the match also benefited from Batista messing up a slingshot and almost legit decapitating Sheamus — things always get just a bit more real after something like that.

Now, I assumed from second one that this match was heading towards a bulls–t finish. A Shield or Evolution run-in. Instead Batista, in an inspired dickbag move, crotches Sheamus on the ropes, clotheslines him in the back of the head then powerbombs him for the clean win. Wow. Okay! I’ll take it!

Sooo yeah, hooray for weird, everybody’s in the Middle East Smackdown. Are you sure you don’t want to extend this tour WWE? Come on, give Yemen and Qatar some love!

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