The Best And Worst Of WWE NXT 4/10/14: Three Times The Human Waste

By: 04.11.14

Best: The Bo Movement

And now, our poor hearts break.

Bo Dallas shows up and decides he’s gonna pull a Daniel Bryan, asking the NXT fans to file into the ring in support of him and LET THEIR VOICES BE HEARD about how Bo deserves another title shot. The entire crowd turns its back on him. Even the people in Bo shirts. Bo flips out, drops to his knees and starts screaming about how he was always there for the fans and gave them cookies that one time.

This is magical. It’s also the perfect ending to Bo’s character arc on NXT. He’s finally realized that his defense mechanisms have all been false, and that the people he’d lied to himself about finally got through to him. He’s NOT beloved. Bo-loved. Whatever. The chants aren’t in support of him. They’re saying boo, not Bo. Even though he did one nice thing for them once. It’s Bray Wyatt’s character arc in reverse.

Best: Wait, JBL Is Still The GM?

“You don’t have enough people to occupy a see-saw in that ring!”

That’s funny but HEY THIS IS THE FIRST TIME YOU’VE SHOWED UP TO WORK IN LIKE THREE MONTHS, JBL, WE HAD AN NXT PAY-PER-VIEW AND EVERYTHING. TRIPLE H HAD TO DO YOUR JOB FOR YOU. They should’ve just had Dusty Rhodes come out to make the main event and be all “I don’t remember NOTHIN’ about the fall and winter, daddy!”

Worst: Not A Great Way To Spend Your TV Time, Justin Gabriel

1. JBL dropped a little foreign language into his introduction of Justin Gabriel. Did NXT get a free trial of Rosetta Stone or something?

2. I got excited when I realized Justin Gabriel was in the main. Regular readers may know that I have a huge soft spot for the NXT season 1 crew and about 10% of my internal monologue during WWE shows is Nexus reunion fantasy booking. That Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal almost shorted me out. But yeah, this even happens on NXT. Mason Ryan is there! He was in the New Nexus! BE HIS FRIEND, JUSTIN, LET THOSE OLD CORRE RIVALRIES GO.

3. The match was a 2-minute squash dragged out for 10 minutes. I have no idea why. It’s certainly not a great use of Justin Gabriel’s fleeting TV time, and it doesn’t help Bo, because the crowd clearly doesn’t like or take him seriously and he’s gonna be on Raw in a few weeks. So … we couldn’t have done this in five and edited something else into the show? The worst part of NXT is knowing my favorite guys are only on like, one out of every four episodes.

4. Justin Gabriel should start feuding with Adam Rose. Because he doesn’t really like flowers, but he likes the rose, which is an English flower, right?

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